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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two Days In A Row

Well it was a great first day back in the loop of work, pretty low key for me. Only was sent out on one service call then the factory service training tech. called and I am now designated the Davis Street Sweeper Tech. Which really sucks by the way, they run on an air over electric over Hydraulic system. Verry complicated if you couldn't figure that out. The cool thing is now Davis has to buy me about $1,000 worth of diagnostic tools. If you have not heard Davis bought a $150,000 Tenant Street Sweeper, probably the most high tech sweeper in L.A. This damn machine has an onboard computer.
Listen here you bald headed eagle thing, keep your damn plow out of my original homestead area! I only have a couple of more hours of fill work then it will be time for finish grading. Then will come the concrete slab for the parking pad and garage area.
Well Poppa Buffalo must sign off now, the rest of the week will not be so easy. Now that I am back Ron is going on vacation so I have to be the both of us which is a real challange since I have a hard enough time being me.
good night, HOMEr


Blogger Stan Harrington said...

Wow, that interaction with the "meteor" must have changed you, two blogs in two night! Strange that you should bring upo the subject of your new "toy" for sweeping, although it sounds a little complicated for the average operator. Today, while blading your "new site". I had a great idea, since you are now a "hocky fan" would be possible to find us a used "zamboni", that wopuld be perfect to grade the campgroud! It would be so nice and level and a great way to sprinkle a little water to cut the dust! What little work I did on your site was a vast improvement, you can now get into it without going into four wheel low and it is almost level! I was going to move your camp for you, but some damm fool stole one of your tires! You all will be happy to hear that the little "skunk" has returned to his perch in the birch. The ravens love him, but not as good as they enjoy the herring stand on top of the camper - they really do miss that perch and the free food!

12:20 AM  
Blogger Shana said...

blogging is not all he has done two night in a row...I will have to insist he take a vacation more often...if Brandy and Darrin read this...chicken!!...that skunk was not suppose to reappear untill a nuptial agreement was placed...and it was even their idea...chicken...oh well the thought was funny,I dont care who you are....I will thank you for the work on my site since I will probably be the one trying to move the trailor after I figure out how to change the tires...so I would suggest you remove anything within a 60 foot radius that does not want ran over...cant say I can complete this task as easily as Shane did with the Duck House....Heath and Erica may want to relacate durring this time of transition also...their deck my not survive my driving abilities. So father and husband...I must return to my work...I am being paged rather loudly now...loves and toodles

9:45 AM  
Blogger Stan Harrington said...

Thank you Shana for letting me know who the (_?_) was that stole Herbie the Skunk. You do realize that until he is returned to me safely, the "wallow hole" of the Buffalo is going to be a source of great fun, entertainment and merriment. Do you know that you can buy herring at 50 cents a pound, ravens, crows, magpies and even eagles love them especially when they are laying on the roof of a travel trailer at 5:30 a.m.. Don't believe me, ask the Wolf Clan!

8:29 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

Shana...STUPID...STUPID ...STUPID..*as i smack you upside the head*

11:04 PM  
Blogger Shana said...

damn he is good!!!

7:03 PM  

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