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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the grass is green

Well it snowed about an inch last night. Thank god it was all gone by noon time today, we are ready for summer around this house. One lady in particular, the one who has already been mowing the grass.

Mr. Praddle you will be pleased to know that the buffalo clan will be coming prepared with proper atire for the big weekend. How are the "Facilities" coming along? Still in the designing stages I would supose, until the Buffalo and Wolf clans show up to do all of the work once again.
Looking foreword to the weekend of harrasment see you soon.


Blogger Stan Harrington said...

Your second posting, right now you are in a head heat with Donny and one ahead of Brittany. Let's hope you do a better job in keeping your postings up to date. There is one particular blogger in this clan that considers anything over "five lines" as being to long - never compromise for size! However, the first thing you must remember is proper protocal. Most individuals take alot of time in the conceptual realm of things to develop a blog name that is meaningful to their personality, writing techniques, and artistic values. In your very first posting, you violated this protocal by referring to my site as hypebole. The correct spelling is "hyperbole". In this posting, your second, you compounded the error by referring to my site as paddle, now Homer, I would ask that you look at my site, do you see anything that even resembles a paddle? The correct word and spelling is "Prattle". Combining these two technical terms you come up with "Hyperbole Prattle". I have no doubt that your weekend in AP will be fullfilled with your desire for harrasment! The work continues on "multi-purpose" building and should be completed shortly dependent on weathr conditions. The excrement depository will take a little longer, still need the "Plummer" to engineer the job and the equipment operators to operate the excavators. Some things, I do not do or can not do and hae never been afraid to ask for help, however, I call it delegation! Why do you think I raised two beautiful daughters? I figure you "boys" can finish things up pretty quickly while the little ladies make up some picnic baskets!
P.S. Thank you for not installing word verification!

11:47 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

YEAH ...what he said... and Your grass is NOT green... I was there today!

Glad you are here now he will quit picking on poor tinker.

11:59 PM  
Blogger john r mclay said...

So - given specific circumstances - some posts over 5 lines in length are worth the paistaking effort to muster through. Others just happen to be hypebole paddle.
And, if he builds it, we will poo.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Shana said...

well baby welcome to the world of blogs...please dont be mad at me for bringing you into this family of wierdos!!! Hope you can keep up...but if you need any help...I know your pass word...dont be to hard on poor ol' Homer guys he is usually blogging with Melissa in his lap and his eyes half closed...he can sleep and type at the same time though!!

9:28 AM  
Blogger Stan Harrington said...

Well "Homie", I se ethqat you are off to a great start, two abstracts of your throughts and then you get "writer block". You and "Plummbob" both suffer from the same thing, you will vocalize incessently, yet you either do not "write" much or resrtict it to five lines. Oh, I forgot, you both work long hours and have families to raise - ahhhh, I love my retirement! Think I will take up drinking beer this summer and get myself one of those blue coveralls that all the old guys without butts wear! Hope to see your postings soon!

10:27 AM  

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